MMS Lowdown

Bleach or NaCIO which has a chemical component that turns into sodium salt of hypochlorous acid that results to liquid bleach frequently used as a whitening, purifying and a disinfecting agent. The base of MMS mineral supplement, the Chlorine Dioxide is a Killer - rid your body of parasites today!compound also finds its way as a practical solution to treat common diseases found to be reactive to the curative properties of bleach. In most instances, the internet shows a number of figures from certified to layman show specifics on how to use bleach as the cheapest way to relive some of the most common diseases America has. These gives out definite bleach concentrations. Like anything chemical sold in the market, this alerts one with “use with caution” and a reminder on toxicity. The active compound of miracle mineral solution is in fact chlorine dioxide – entirely different than bleach, or the common chlorine molecule.

Some medicinal uses of bleach

  1. Athlete’s foot
  2. Eczema bath
  3. Gingivitis
  4. Ringworm
  5. Mouthwash
  6. Prevention of biofilm build up

The following shows symptomatic, (disease is present), and prophylactic (preventive) uses of bleach:

Bleach as anti -fungal – athletes foot results into a smelly, itchy feet condition caused by fungus one is in contact with while outdoors. This is also common with people who wear shoes, leather or tennis shoes for continued or prolonged period. A foot soak of warm water and a small concentration of bleach will help eliminate odor and itchiness. The miracle mineral supplement is not bleach – all should get their head around this fact!

A concentration of bleach and water is likewise effective in the cure of mms2ringworms. Ringworms are fungal infections that appear on the skin normally caused by exposure to warm and moist places. One of the most common places where most of the cases identified with it is after the use of the swimming pools.

Bleach as anti-allergenic, it has shown effects in relieving symptoms of eczema or dermatitis- a skin condition characterized by an inflammation of the skin that causes itching. A small solution of bleach mixed with water can be squirted topically in the affected area or when the whole body has the rashes, the solution can be used in a bath regimen until itching and inflammation symptoms are relieved. 

Bleach as prophylactic cure to biofilm build up

Periodontal treatment and prevention of biofilm build up commonly called plaque, the major cause of diseases of the mouth. The use of water and bleach concentration as a mouth rinse or wash has been found effective in preventing bacterial growth in the gums. This helps prevent loss of teeth. Bleach diluted in water is also used as a mouth wash for gingivitis. It is known as a non-disease condition of the gums but it has symptoms of irritation, swelling and redness of the gums. With the bleach diluted in water symptoms can be relieved.