Is MMS Bleach?

The importance of bleach as an ingredient in purifying water can never MMS is a Potent Bacteria doubted. It is often thought that the MMS supplement is the same compound as bleach – but this is most certainly not the case! It is the most common compound that has been used in the world for decades. England the seat of the mighty royals has recognized the use of sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NADCC) commonly known as bleach as a cheap routine water treatment for household drinking water. This is part of a guideline issued by London’s Department of infectious and a tropical a Diseases, London School of MMS is a Potent Bacteria Killer...Hygiene and a Tropical a Medicine.

Why bleach treated water for England

It was found effective in reducing the occurrence of diarrhea and other water borne illnesses especially in areas where improved water supply is not accessible. This was followed by an advisory that the center has studied the effects, composition and the advantages that the use of bleach has. England’s action also affirms that in the account of affordability, no one can drop the cheapest way possible, not even a rich economy.

A Virus Infecting the Body.Implications of England’s advisory

Being one of the world’s most influential and powerful nations of the world, England is never spared of the world’s recession and problems of natural disasters just like the rest of the world. It describes the use of bleach as a cheap way to use as water purifier. It is her government’s way of assuring its people that the use of bleach is safe and economical. What you need to do is learn as much as you can about the miracle mineral solution & come to your own conclusions.

A proof that anywhere in the world, bleach has been used extensively despite the knowledge of its toxicity.

Some other rich nations that use bleach treated drinking water include:


Again, cost is the main concern among nations in using bleach treated drinking water. Same rationale perhaps why a lot of people are in the search for cheaper alternative to expensive medicinal cure that get them to turn to supplements like MMS.

Why bleach is cheap can be attributed to its natural presence in plants. When combined with other elements, it gets a quality to react to the bacteria present in land water fills. It does not kill the bacteria and other toxic micro-organisms. The micro-organisms absorb bleach and form a coating but they can’t grow, rather, they disintegrate on their own. Knowing this capacities attributed to bleach, the reaction to the use if MMS and the implications to toxicity on humans are fields that need careful studies.