About Us

In our experience the MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement is perhaps one of the most effective killers of bacteria, viruses, mold & fungus – after using it ourselves for such a long period of time we have become solid converts & have used it now for years to excellent effect.

Being a family of natural practitioners, it is easy to become skeptical of such “snake oil” type miracle products – but until one actually gives it a go & finds out that it in fact does work for themselves, then one is unlikely to believe.

We have now been prescribing this product within out clinics & practices for many years as at the time of writing this page – & judging by the sheer volume of positive unbiased testimonials out there, there is no doubt to any of us that the MMS chlorine dioxide based miracle mineral supplement is about as good as it gets – the only unpleasant thing about it is that it tastes quite terrible!