The Various Uses of Miracle Mineral Supplement
The HIV Virus in Action...Historically, many discoveries have been made by adventurous people and this happens to be the case with Jim Humble. Jim is the man behind the Miracle Mineral Supplement. He stumbled upon the chlorine dioxide molecule while on one on his exploring trips in Africa. He initially used this compound to cure malaria and though he didn’t expect much results from it, he was amazed that it actually worked. It was after using it on a few people with malaria virus that he decided to spend time perfecting his new discovery.
Ever since the discovery of MMS in 1996, it has been proven to restore full or partial health to many people suffering from various illnesses. Some of the commonly treated diseases include cancer, hepatitis A, B, C, diabetes, arthritis, high cholesterol, Lyme disease and many others.
However, it is important to put in mind that MMS doesn’t actually cure diseases. It is rather an oxidizer that destroys poisons and kills disease-causing pathogens. Once they are washed out of the body or reduced, the body can then function properly and eventually heal. MMS basically accelerates the rate at which the body is able to heal.

1. Treatment of Cold and Flus
Every day, the TV is filled with reports on new variants of flu and it is feared that it might be a global pandemic. Some few years back, the SARS flu led to the deaths of many people in China. The latest flu cases to be spotted was the 2009 swine flu in Mexico, US, and England.
The Miracle Mineral Solution is capable of attacking and destroying developing flu viruses. The miracle mineral solution is able to work on all strains of flu that may THe Malaria Parasite within a Red Blood Cell...develop from time to time. MMS, when activated, can kill all the pathogens without sparing any.

MMS Protocol 1000 is the one used in cases of HIV/AIDS. When using it for this purpose, one is required to take three drops of activated MMS each hour for eight hours in a day, for three weeks. But many people find it difficult to start with this high dose thus the recommended dose for starting is two or even one drop an hour. The level of sickness is what determines the dosage. If one is very ill, they should start with one drop to half a drop every hour until they build tolerance. to Find out more about is be sure to learn it at wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miracle_Mineral_Supplement

3. Cancer –stages 1 to 3
MMS protocol 2000 is used for cancer and other conditions that are life threatening. The MMS, in this case, is used for preventing one from developing diarrhea or feeling worse. One is required to take as many drops of the activated MMS each hour. As a start, it is recommended that you take one drop every hour and eventually increase the amount to as many drops your body can tolerate.
When taking this MMS protocol, you should avoid using orange juice or any juices with added ascorbic acid or Vitamin C. You must also avoid using concentrated drinks.

4. Treatment of Malaria
When using MMS to treat malaria, the recommended dose for adults is 15 drops. The drops should be activated with five drops or ten percent of citric acid for every five drops of MMS. After adding the citric acid or lemon juice, wait for three minutes before you can add it to a glass half-filled with water or pineapple juice. It is important that you drink this solution immediately and then after an hour make another dosage of the same size.